Mentally Ill, Legally Sane – press quotes & highlights 

(4/5): “Punishingly heavy, but with the kind of insistent choruses and rhythmic stomp that will linger long in your memory, this is surely the sound that Metallica were (or should have been) aiming for on their ultimately over-produced Black Album” – 

(8/10): “This immediately gets the feet tapping and the neck muscles moving” – GBHBL 

(73/100): “Started as a collaboration between father and son this four-piece band is impressive!” – Lords of Metal 

(7/10): “heavy as a mammoth stomping your bones flat” – Metal Temple 

“Blacklist 9’s lyrics are top notch, and so is their record… highly recommended!” – Metalheads Forever 

“A thrashing good time with catchy over the top metal riffs… good, good shit!” The Doorway To 

(68/100): “Mentally Ill, Legally Sane is intense and exciting” – True Metal 

(6.5/10): “a pretty catchy retrospective on the early metal sound of the 90s” – Metal DE 

(6.5/10): “Mentally Ill Legally Sane is an entertaining album” – Hellfire Magazine 

(3/5): “a great body of work to get your groove on to, scream your balls off and get a pit going” The Independent Voice